7th Grade Action Project

by: Liv McClintock

Why I Chose Slavery for Human Rights

I chose Human Rights because I believe that everyone has Human Rights because those are the rights you simply have because you are human. I places around the country people take away these rights like for example in India, which is where there is the most slavery, it is estimated that they have fourteen point three million people that are in slavery. Even though not having slavery is a human right, I feel by people around the world doing this they are degrading the people who are enslaved around the world. Making the slaves around the world feel like they have no voice.

How Slavery Started and Why Contributing Factors

Slavery has been around since the beginning of time. Rulers would identify who was at the bottom of the class system and make them slaves and be forced to work as a lving. Some people used the Bible as a justification of slavery because of a story in the book of Genesis. Some contributing factors is that people around the world just think that having slaves makes work easier and makes the people who own the slaves wealthier.

Plan of Action

i will partner with the organization of Compassion To Act which is a organization about how they bring awareness to labor and sex trafficing. I plan on helping out this organization by donating money to their website to help out someone in need. I will also volunteer for one of their upcominmg events. Others can help by donating and also volunteering at multiple events led by the organization.

What I Learned from this expierence

I learned from this expierence is that there are so many people out there in the world that are suffering from human trafficing and slavery. Even though slavery is against our human rights people out there in the world still have to be forced to do work. I learned though that there are so many organizations out in the world that help and give you ideas on how you can help.


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