Nuremberg Law

By: Anna Marceca


Nuremberg Laws

Nuremberg Laws was when Hitler wanted more power, so he started having different laws for the Jews, soon he started executing them.

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Overview of Holocaust

From 1933 to 1945, under the leadership of Adolf Hitler, Germany waged an increasingly hostile campaign of hatred exclusion ,and systematized murder against its own Jewish population and the Jewish of its conquered territories. This horror is known as the holocaust.

The holocaust was a time were Adolf Hitler wanted more power to conquer the world. By succeeding to his plan, and wanted to capture all the Jews and exclusion. Not only did the Jews wanted to escape, most of them went into hiding. For a while there were curfews and laws they had to follow. After a while they were sent to concentration camps, or they were killed on the spot.

Orignial Research Question

When did the Nuremburg Laws start?

Jewish people were excluded from public life on September 15th, 1935 when the Nuremburg Laws were issued. These Laws also stripped German Jews of their citizenship and right to marry Germans. It was a very sad time.


" In relation to animals, all the people are Nazis; for the animals it is an eternal Treblinka."

Issac Bashevis Singer (1902-1991)


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