😪😢😛Parkinsons Diease😪😢😛

By: Nykiera Rice

What is Parkinson Diesease

A disorder of the central nervous system that affects movement, often including tremors.

What are the Symptoms?

  • Bradykinesia - slowness of movement, impaired dexterity, decreased blinking, drooling, expressionless face.
  • Tremor at rest - involuntary shaking that decreases with purposeful movement. Typically starts on one side of the body, usually the hand.
  • Rigidity - stiffness caused by involuntary increase in muscle tone.
  • Postural instability - sense of imbalance. Patients often compensate by lowering their center of gravity, which results in a stooped posture.

What is the causes of Parkinson Disease

The cause of Parkinson's is largely unknown. Doctors know much more about what PD does to the body than what causes it. Scientists are currently investigating the role that genetics, environmental factors, and the natural process of aging have on cell death and PD.

Who is affected?

More than 1.5 million Americans have PD. It typically occurs in men and women around age 60. Early-onset Parkinson’s occurs around age 40.

What treatments are available?

Exercise is as important as medication in the treatment of PD. It helps maintain flexibility and improves balance and range of motion. Patients may want to join a support group and continue enjoyable activities to improve their quality of life.

People with Parkinson Disease