If Explosives

Weren't invented

The world would be so different without explosives.We wouldn't have won some wars our country may not be ours.We may have different rights it would change so many things.World War I and World War II would be different we may not have won we may not have lost.


Explosives are made up of a charge,detonator,fuse,pin,warhead,shrapnel,black powder,payload,and nitrogen.

With out it

The world would be so much different without explosives Japan or maybe Britain may own the USA. It may not even be the United States,we may have to go to a certain school or church too. We probably won't be free anymore.There probably still be slavery.People would take over or maybe we would take over


A world without explosives is not one I would like to live in. It would be so different we may live in China or Japan, we may have different laws. It would be so different here.