These are the Protist

BY: Avigail Garcia

What is Euglena

The gets its food by the process of photosynthesis.

They move by a flagellum.

They reproduce by splitting into two

They respond by the eyespot which helps it find light.

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Flexible Movement in Euglena 2

What is a Amoeba

A amoeba gets its food by when it surrounds food with its pseudo.

A amoeba move by when they change there shape of their body.

They reproduce by asexually by binary fission.

They respond by when they turn into a cyst when it is in a bad condition.

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Amoeba in motion

What is a paramecium

How does a paramecium get its food: It gets its food using cilia to sweep from in its oral groove.

The paramecium moves by cilia.

A paramecium reproduces by binary fission.

A paramecium responds by asexual and sexual reproduction.

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Paramecium Dividing

What is a volvox.

How does a volvox move it moves by photosynthesis.

How does a volvox move it moves by flagellum.

How does a volvox reproduce it reproduces by daughter colonies.

How does a volvox respond it respond by colonies.

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Volvox Dances