Perceptions of Myself

By: Tori Ott


I have two dogs: a beautiful red Australian collie, she is about six years old, her name is Shelby, and a blue heeler/spits mix, he's about 13 and a half, his name is Dusty. We've had Dusty for about as long as I can remember. He was a stray, and we got him from Operation Kindness. He got his name because he was white all over and then, his ears were brown, kind of DUSTY-looking, and so we named him Dusty, but his original name as Doc. Now we've had Shelby for at least a month. We got her from ARF, and we got her because we wanted Dusty to have a companion to have since he is getting older, try to make him able to know more things, stay a little younger and be able to do more things. We met her, had her meet Dusty, and were able to take her home all in one day, and it was amazing. Shelby was originally named Sophie, but since my mother runs an in-home daycare, we already had a "Sophia," and she would get confused with the names. . . So we just started trying to see what she would respond to, and Shelby just clicked!

I also have two cats: Patches, a five and a half year old calico, with beautiful coloring, and a grey/black kind of skinny seven and a half year old tabby, Socks. Just like with Dusty, we've had Socks for as long as I can remember. But, for all the time we've had her, she is so skittish, but sometimes it is and can be very funny. Also, for some reason, she loves to chew hair; we gave Socks her name by the white spots on her feet that look like socks. It is also very funny; whenever she may be scared or worried or even angry, her tail will poof out to at least twice its size; we call it "big tail". We have had Patches for at least five years now, and we love her. She is so soft and she and Socks get along so well, but just like Socks, she has a weird thing she likes: feet. She always rubs our feet and she will just love feet. We gave Patches her name because her name was originally Annie, but we didn't think that name would fit, and we saw the blots on her fur, and we named her Patches.

I love all of my pets so much and I would not trade them for hardly anything, they are that great, and I want to stay with all of them for a long time to come if possible.


I am part Italian and with food, it shows! I have a LOT of Italian favorites: manicotti, which is something me and my family make every Christmas Eve, my favorite tradition, (and is soooo good,) pastas, like spaghetti, my favorite, penne, ravioli, ziti, bowtie, and macaroni, and pizza, especially. I also love Mexican food, like fajitas, TACOS, quesadillas, and definitely nachos, and sometimes if I feel like it, salsa. I also love certain fruits, like kiwi, strawberries, apples, and bananas. My parents always told me I was a spicy and hot person when I was a little kid, but don't believe it. Not very much, if any, anyways. I used to be a VERY picky eater when I was little, but now I like all types of food, and I am sure glad that's happened.

Upsetting Things

There are a lot of things that can get me mad, frustrated, or even angry. For one, I can not stand it when people will say bad things about people, or do something that might offend someone on purpose, especially if it is right in front of their face! I mean, come on, that would be so so so annoying, and I just would not be able to stand certain levels of that.

Having time limits! I am not very good with certain time limited projects. I most of the time will feel like I am rushed with things.

Not having ANY $$$ bothers me very much, unless it is very worth it, needed, or necessary. I always like to be able to have at least a little money at hand, or at ready for use.

I also do not like nonsensical requests. For example, there are like 20 clocks around you, digital and otherwise, even watches they can look at. "Hey, you! Can you tell me what time it is?" "NO! LOOK AT A CLOCK! LOOK AT A WATCH!" That is just how I feel with that sometimes.

Favorite Music

I like lots of types of music, but I love country music. I love so much about country music. To me, with music, it is my TOTAL dynamite. It can be so soothing to me, or can just make me want to party! I really like Tracy Lawrence, because of his such truthful songs, like Find Out Who Your Friends Are, and I like Jake Owen's songs like Barefoot Blue Jean Night. I also like my fair share of amazing country bands, like the Band Perry's Done, the Eli Young Band's Even if it Breaks Your Heart, Little Big Town's Little White Church, Rascal Flatts' Life is a Highway and Zac Brown Band's Chicken Fried, which in each band, they all can harmonize so beautifully. My very favorite country songs right now are My Kinda Night by Luke Bryan and Parking Lot Party by Lee Brice. You should also listen to the song called This is Country Music by Brad Paisley, and Miranda Lambert's All Kinds of Kinds. You should listen to another great song called Sunny and 75, By Joe Nichols.

I also really like Phillip Phillips and his song Gone Gone Gone. It is a very catchy song, and I love it so much. I also like Train, and their songs Drive By and 50 Ways to Say Goodbye... theirs are very FUNNY.

Some Things That I Will Think About

There are some things that I will think about sometime that I will realize that I have never thought about before. For example, (no offense AT ALL to anyone) when some people will be actually closer or perfectly capable to do that thing they are asking for, like say if you are five feet away from they computer, they are only a foot away from the computer, playing a game. They say, without looking at you, "Hey, you wanna look this up for me?" They hand you a piece of paper, tell you what to do with it, and then just ignore you. I mean seriously, some people are lazy and rude sometimes! (Again, NO OFFENSE TO ANYONE ON ANY LEVEL)

A Little Bit About My Family

My family is very interesting. We are almost always busy with something. We are always running around, occupied with something, you know, BUSY! BUT, that's not exactly a bad thing... Here are a few things you might not know about my OTHER family members:

My mom:
My mom has an in-home daycare, with at least five, if not six, preschoolers, and she loves it! She also has an assistant, which at times, can be really helpful and really fun! I help her a lot in the daycare, and we like it. My mom went to Mansfield High School, and then to Angelo State University for where she graduated college.

My sister:
My sister, Tina, is 18, and she is always busy! She takes college classes, she has a job, she has so much stuff to do, yet she is still able to balance it fairly well. She goes to college at North Lake Community College, and she likes it pretty okay. She is taking biology, which is pretty good, and a biology lab, which she likes a lot more, she takes English, which she is doing well in but it is not exactly her favorite, and she is taking speech, which she is doing pretty good in as well.

My dad:

My dad works for a company called Information Builders Incorporated, or IBI for short, which he is a very big part of. He gets lots of pressure put on him and he is almost always traveling at least every other week. But he tries his best to balance everything as best he can. I really enjoy when he can do stuff with us.

My True Colors and Multiple Intelligences

Multiple Intelligences: In order from most to least I am logical (number smart), equally kinaesthetic (body smart) and interpersonal (people smart), linguistic (word smart), naturalistic (nature smart), I am equally intrapersonal (myself smart), and musical (music smart), and last but not least I am visual and spatial (picture smart). I try to improve all my intelligences when and if I possibly can.

My true colors are green and blue on the actual test, but on my go to your corner, I am gold, orange, and green. Orange means that you are (at least from your eyes) flexible, and easy-going, you have a playful attitude, like exploring new possibilities, a clever and good negotiator, you are open to change, you have many interests, are able to do many things, you value freedom, are bold and assertive, you are fun-loving and enjoy life, and you are independent. Gold means that you are persistent, you are goal-oriented, you are traditional, know right from wrong, you are definitely realistic, which I am, you are dependable, follow a routine, and have leadership ability, which I think and hope I do. And finally, green means that you are confident, mentally tough and strong, logical and rational, visionary and inventive, you are self-controlled, have objectives, have abilities to reprimand, which I try not to do too much or too harshly, you have high expectations, you are knowledgeable, and that you think deeply. I try to live up to a good bit of the features of my colors if I can...

Some of My Favorite Things

I have a lot of different things that I like: For example, I love lots of sports. I have participated in tons of sports in my life, like baseball, soccer, basketball, karate, swimming, which I very much enjoy to do, just not on a team, biking, but not competitively, and tennis. But, I also think it is just as fun to watch, especially FOOTBALL! Me and my mom watch football every week. Don't be mad at me but our favorite team, definitely, are the cowboys, all the way! If you watch them, THANK YOU!!!

I also really enjoy reading, no doubt. I love not like really, really long, but kind of long chapter books, especially the Wolves of the Beyond series by Kathryn Lasky, and Almost Home by Joan Bauer. They are both very good books, and I think that Almost Home is going to be sold at the 2013 Book Fair that is coming up, so you should get it! Some other books by Kathryn Lasky are The Owls of Ga'Hoole! They are all about how two owlets, Soren, a barn owl, and Gylfie, an elf owl, are captured, but then they escape and meet two other owls: Twilight, a great grey owl, and Digger, a burrowing owl, and meet the Gaurdians of Ga'Hoole, too! They go on many adventures and they try to save all of owl kind from the Pure Ones, who are definitely NOT pure, and St. Agelious, where the Pure Ones used to be, and where Soren and Gylfie were captured.

Another book, the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid Book, "Hard Luck," is also very funny. Greg has to deal with a whole new life thanks to some GIRL! She ruined his life as he knew it, and then, he didn't even know it, but he needed a new friend, and the best he was able to find was FREGLEY. His life was a complete DISASTER.

I also like lots and lots of movies, for example one that I just recently saw, Ender's Game. It is an amazing movie that has action at just about every corner, where these people are trying to wipe out a species of "evil creatures", and they have children train through games to try to help win the war between humans and those creatures. Ender is chosen to lead an entire fleet of very skilled and talented children into very intense like-real battle stimulations to ready him and every other recruit for the real war. This is totally a must-see!

I totally enjoy my fair share of TV shows. For one, I really like Cake Boss: Next Great Baker. Let me tell you, these people go through a LOT. From making wedding cakes to cars to life-size people sculptures, and all out of cake no less, and with at LEAST one person going home each week, it can get very intense! There was even a time when they threw people's beautiful, gorgeous wedding cakes from a ROOF! EVeryone on this show gets put through the wringer, their skills and temper pushed to the limit, and their reputations as bakers put on the line. But, as always, it is an awesome and interesting thing to watch.

I can get a whole bunch of entertainment from a few good games, for one, GRUMPY BEARS! Grumpy Bears is a game that you can get on your phone or tablet where I guess you stole the bears' honey, and now they are chasing you. But, there is a MAJOR twist to this "cat chase mouse" game. The bears, yeah, they're not just on foot, but they are riding motorcycles, and in trucks, and there are bears that will come in that will be absolutely GIGANTIC! Luckily, you get a wide variety choice of weapons, and let me tell you, it can get addictive, believe it or not. The bears also have lots of crazy costumes, from just plain, to blue Mohawks, to USA swim caps!

Also, you HAVE to see a video called Evolution of Music sung by Pentatonix. They are a group of 5 people, and sing a very interesting type of music called acapella, which means for every instrument there WOULD be, they have to use only their VOICES, and these people nail it almost every time. You would not believe how many times I still think there are actual instruments in that video, and I have watched it almost a HUNDRED times! Another one that they sung, was Radioactive. They did not have NO instruments, but it is still really cool! They also have a famous violinist named Lindsey Sterling, and she is amazing as well. If you would like to know, the Pentatonix members' names are: Scott, the tall blond, Avi, the man with the deep voice, Mitch, the man with the glasses, Kevin, the beatboxer, and Kristi, the only girl in the group, so it should not be to hard to identify her.

My Kinda Style

I am not very, how do you say it, fancy. I am very, very casual. I wear jeans, sometimes leggings, and a t-shirt. I like things that have like, pandas with a mustache, don't get me wrong. I like blue, I like red, I like basically any color, it just has to fit me, and to be honest, I might not LOOK like I am picky with what I like to wear, but, I am. But, once I find what I like, I normally really enjoy it. Some of the things that I really like in particular are: Really dark blue jeans with maybe a few little sparkles, shirts with pandas on them, shirts that say "I love music", or, one of my very favorites, one that COMBINES the two, my greyish/black shirt that says "Rock to the beat of your heart", and there is a panda with HEADPHONES on, sitting on a boombox! So cute, so casual, and I love it so much!

One of my favorite brands of shirts or jeans, also, is Mudd. Me and my sister both like it a lot. We both really think it fits us.

One MAJOR Thing You MIGHT NOT Know About Me

I have ADHD, or "attention deficit hyperactive disorder" you can kind of understand the attention deficit of it, which means I can have a short attention span, and I will go from one thing to another, sometimes, in literally NO TIME FLAT! Or, I will talk about something then suddenly "Ooh! Squirrel!" Or, as we call it at home, I will go 90 to nothing, which means I will be talking so fast and incoherently, and then someone will have to stop me. But, sometimes, my mom will have to, as she calls it, "translate Tori", which means I might babble, or whisper something where somebody can't understand what I am saying, and then mom will step in and say "She means duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh."

My sister has something like it but not the same, and it called ADD, which is just ADHD without the H. But sometimes, she has things that happen like it, and it will TORTURE her. She and I will both have to be moving something, or like bouncing our legs, where we will move it up and down really fast, to help us concentrate, because if I do not have at least ONE thing moving, especially on STAAR, my mind will, like, go blank, or I will have a "brain lapse".

My FaceYourManga

Here is a picture of my FaceYourManga avatar!

So, that is me from my point of view, and I hope that you liked it very much. Thank you so much! That is all for this Smore page!