Romeo and Juliet to Blame

Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet are to blame for their own deaths. Romeo and Juliet were very crazy about each other; however, they over exaggerated their feelings because they chose death instead of simply dealing with the fact that they could not be together. Although they were married, they were still very young. Because of Romeo killing Tybalt, he got banished "henced banished.." (act 3 scene 2). making their relationship, which by now is a marriage, even more difficult. Juliet also cannot deal with her dad forcing her to get married, so she decided to take a potion to fake death to not marry as that day came. Romeo came to see Juliet and when he had rushed in, he thought she truly was dead and he decided to kill himself. Which is very over exaggerating and selfish knowing that they knew each other for 3 days. They had rushed into a marriage which was not reasonable, which the outcome turned into death. That shows they were definitely too young to get married and not mentally stable. Romeo nor Juliet made good choices, but there are consequences to everything and death had to be the outcome for the both of them which was devastating for family and friends. Juliet thought she needed to see him “O, find him!..” (act 3 scene 1"which was once again desperate because she didnt need to see him. Overall, Romeo and Juliet were to blame for their own tragic deaths due to their love
In the end, Romeo and Juliets death was unexpected from everybody but it shows that love at a young age is very fatal.
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Romeo and Juliet's Temptation to G Easy's "Lets Get Lost"

G-Eazy has a song called "Lets get Lost" these lyrics i chose had a relation to Romeo and Juliet because Romeo did bad things that he didn't mean. And his "temptation" was Juliet because he wanted to see her all the time.

Romeo and Juliet's Relationship Being Torn Apart to Coldplay's "Fix You"

Coldplay has a song called "Fix you" i chose this song because the lyrics talk about losing somebody and being upset over it. Like Romeo and Juliet were devastated that they got torn apart from each other.
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Relation to Romeo and Juliet's Love

I chose "The Titanic" for the movie relation of Romeo and Juliet because they both show two people who are attached to each other. Also, in "The Titanic" Jack died for Rose as to in Romeo and Juliet, Romeo died for Juliet although it was a mistake.