how to become a U.S. citizen

by:Anthonie Culp,Josiah Burns,thian

requirements to be a US citizen

  • you must 18 to or old the take a test to become a US citizen
  • you have to prove that you have a green card for at least five years
  • prove you have had continuous residence for at least 5 years
  • you have to show that you have at least been in the US for 30 months
  • show that you have lived in the state where you apply
  • show that the last 3 months that you are in the US
  • you have to show that you are a good moral person
  • show your principles and ideals of the constitution
  • you have to speak English and you have to be able to read,and write
  • you have to understand the basic history of the US
  • you have to take the oath of the allegiance if the united states


think if you are a citizen

think if you are eligible

prepare form aplication

submit aplication

go to the apointment

complete the interview

recive a decision

recive notice to take oath

take oath

understand citizenship