My Goals

Setting Goals

My Academic goals is that I want to go to college and get a diploma.My athletic goals is that I want to be a professional soccer player.My personal goals are have good grades,pass college,and be a engineer.

Overcoming Obstacles

My physical obstacles are to be healthy and do more sports.My family obstacles are my grandma because she goes to the hospital many school obstacles are that I'm not participating.My financial obstacles is my family doesn't have lots of money and to go to the college I want cost lots of money.


My teachers that I could talk about for my future are Mr.Jezowski,Mrs.Nguyen,and Ms.Nesbet.My relative are my cousin Norman,My cousin Rafa,and My uncle Isacc.

My Personal Action Plan

My attitude and motivation plan is a great attitude.My Education plan is getting a degree.My plan acquiring needed skills is to study.My plan for studying is to take notes.
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