Mythicl creatures.

By:Caitlin Cunningham

Chapter 1 What is Mythological?

Have you ever herd of mythological? Well I have and I'm going to tell you all about it. I love mythological creatures and I want you to know about them to. Here's a list of so.

. Dragons

. Wear wolfs

. Centaurs

. Minotuars

. Fire snakes

I think they will exist in the future but don't get scared because I may be wrong.

Chapter 2 Colors

I hope you understand what mythological is now. I'm going to tell you some of the different colors of the different creatures now.

Dragons: red,blue,green,purple.

Wear wolfs:gray,black,brown,white.



Fire snake:red,yellow,orange.

I love all the different colors,shapes and sizes. The different creatures are amazing!

Dragon Sound Effects

Chapter 3 Food

Have you ever wondered what food a mythological creature eats? Well I can tell you.


Wear wolfs:meat,plants.



Fire snakes:meat.

I hope your learning a lot.

Rattle Snake Sounds SOUND EFFECT

Chapter 4 Feel

I think you understand most about mythological creatures now. But there is still more about them that we are going to learn and I'm going to tell you all about it.


Wear wolfs:soft,furry.

Centaurs:half soft,half hard.

Minotaurs:soft,hard horns.

Fire snakes:hard,rough.

I hope you have had fun learning.

Sound Effects - Minotaur

Chapter 5 Sound

Have you ever heard a dragon? Well I have well on a video but I can still explane.


Wear wolf:roar,growl,bark,snort.



Fire snake:hiss,growl.

Thanks for reading!!!

Centaur Sound Effects