January 2015 Counselor's News

Kacy Rodgers, MA, CSC, LPC-Intern

Happy New Year!

Welcome back to school, I hope you all had a wonderful break and are ready to tackle the Spring semester! This is a great time of year to start fresh with students, revisit expectations and set goals both individually and as a class.

Having goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time focused (S.M.A.R.T) help children and adults alike to make good choices and stay future focused. Below is a video to explain goals and some activities you can use with your students to help them set goals for success both at school and in the future.

Also included in this newsletter are a couple of videos and a lesson to review and/or introduce "Bucketfilling" to your students. This is a great time of year to take a step back, pause and reflect on what worked in the fall and what might need to be changed so that the new semester will be enjoyable and successful for all.

One-step-at-a-time - goal achieving cartoon doodle video

CharacterCounts! CARING

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Expressing Emotions

Children naturally know how to express positive emotions such as happiness, joy, and love. They smile. They laugh. They hug and say, "I love you." On the other hand, children must be taught how to appropriately express negative, but normal, emotions like anger, hurt, or sadness.

The bucketfilling language gives both children and adults words to express negative (and positive) feelings without having to identify a specific emotion. Whenever children are left out, called names, or otherwise taken advantage of, teach them to use words like, "It dips in my bucket when you ___________________________. I'd like you to ___________________." You can have the children role play real situations so that they can practice using their voice in a way that fits their temperament.

These same words work for adults, too. And, of course, be sure you take the time to focus on the positive and use the reverse statement, "It really fills my bucket when you _________________________. Thank you."


How Full Is Your Bucket? For Kids
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Look for more lessons on caring in your mailboxes later this week!