cell structure

cell organelles

  • Cell wall is located in plant cell , fungi and bacteria but not animal cells. it has an outer layer , rigid and strong and it always made up of cellulose.
  • Cell Membrane is in all cells , in a plant its inside the cell wall, in animal its in the outer layer (cholesterol) it has a double layer of phospholipids with protein and has a selectively permeable. It supports and protects, maintains homeostasis and has a barrier between cells and its environment and also controls what comes in and out of the cell.
  • Nucleus is in ALL cells EXCEPT prokaryote, it is large and oval shape like, it may have one or more nucleoli and holds DNA. Controls cell activities and contains the hereditary material of the cell
  • Nuclear Membrane is also in all cells except prokaryotes it is surrounds nucleus it has a double membrane and selectively permeable. it also controls what comes in and out of the cell as well
  • Cytoplasm is in all cells it is clear, thick, jellylike material (cytosol) organelles found inside cell membrane contains the cytoskeleton fibers. and suppots and protects the cell organelle
  • Endoplasmic reticulum (ER) its in all cells except prokaryotes,Network of tubes or membranes Smooth w/o ribosomes and rough with embedded ribosomes it connects to nuclear envelope & cell membrane Carries materials through cell Aids in making proteins
  • Ribosome its in all cells