"Sage of Monticello?"

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Suraj Vadher

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Thomas Jefferson has less moral integrity than a adulterating common man

Do you want a hypocritical bigot who had a concubine since 1789 be your president?

Having had illicit affairs with one of his slaves, Sally Hemings, the fustilarian had as many as seven children with his concubine after his late wife left him for the afterlife.

How can you trust a man with so little morality coursing through his veins to upkeep the political duty of maintaining propitious morals in the office if he can't upkeep them out of office.

He even hired a Hatchet Man to do his mudslinging for him. A certain James Callendar spent time in prison just to spread some harsh, abhorrently untrue rumors about the incumbent John Adams.

The Undervaluing of Political Effectiveness

This unmuzzled, beef-witted boar of a man wants to disable our government from being able to function and protect the very inalienable rights that he wished to concretize for every man within The Declaration of Independence, aside from those that he owned that in turned lined his pocket well.

With allowing the common man to share the political power of the Houses, he is handicapping the solidity of decisions that are reviewed within the Legislative branch.

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Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings