Science Safety

by- Diya Patel

Science Safety Rules

There are some rules you have to follow before, during, and after an experiment. Here are some rules that can ensure that you have a nice experiment to look forward to.

- ALWAYS wear safety goggles to make sure your eyes aren't infected.

- Always wear a lab coat or apron to make sure that your clothes don't get chemical substance or stain.

- ALWAYS read ALL directions before you start doing anything.

- Always WAFT the chemical or any liquid you are dealing with so that no chemical substance can effect your nose

- Always wear closed toe shoes so that you are safe during the experiment.

There are a couple more but these are just the basics.

Science Safety Symbols

There are a lot symbols in the science lab that you should pay attention to. Here are some symbols that you should pay attention to, so that you are safe in the lab.

Safety Goggles

Physical Safety

Electric Shock

Lab Apron

Fire Hazard

Those are some safety symbols that you can find to warn you about the safety. Below are some pictures that represent thesafety symbols.