The Gulf Oil Spill

The devastating event which caused a huge fish disaster

The spill occurred in the Gulf of Mexico

The oil can still be found in some of the beaches but not as bad as it was

This is how it happened

An explosion occurred and killed three people. But with under water cameras they were able to get a better look at the destruction. The BP pipe had started to leak oil and gas only 42 miles from the coast of Louisiana.

Here is some damage done to the environment

Some methods used to clean it up

They made barriers to stop spread. Oil is removed by skimmers, Workers used sorbents to mop up the traces. Also they sped up the oils natural bio degradation using dispersants.

Long Lasting Effects

Scientists continue to study environmental impacts, but five years after the spill, the long-term negative effects remain unclear and are, in many cases, highly disputed.

BP, the company that caused the spill, is eager to point out it appears the Gulf of Mexico is healing itself.