Brain Dominance

Ben Boehle (6) 1/7/16

What Is Brain Dominance?

Brain dominance can be described by the hemisphereicity of a persons brain; in simpler terms, your personality.

How do the Sides of the Brain Work?

The right hemisphere of the brain is associated with cognitive skills, such as creativity, imagination and artistry. While the left hemisphere of the brain is associated with logical, rational and organizational skills. Each side of the brain also controls the opposite side of the body, so right-brained people are often left-handed and vice versa.

Find Out About Your Brain

After taking tests from both Middle Tennessee State University and I found out that I am a 60/40 split, being mainly left side dominant. This means my personality is logical, strategic and rational for a majority, but not to the point that I don't have capable skills of being creative, curious and intuitive. Personally, I feel this is an extremely accurate description of myself.

Which Side Are You?