The Penguin and the Polar Bear

There was once a penguin and a polar bear. One day the penguin decided to get some fish for them to eat, he went to the igloo and told the polar bear where he was going. He waddled down to the edge so he could reach the water without falling in. After a while, he saw something sparkling in the water. He leaned in closer and saw that it was a rainbow colored fish. He thought "Why, polar bear would be happy that i got this or us." So, he walked back a few steps, than ran toward full speed and dove unto the water. The rainbow fish saw him coming and squealed "Please don't hurt me, please don't hurt me!" The penguin said "What will you do if I don't hurt you?" The fish said " Well...if you don't hurt me I'll grant you a wish, if you do hurt me, I'm just a normal fish again." The penguin ignored what the fish said. Instead he launched him self toward the rainbow fish and grabbed it with his beak.

When he took it back to his igloo he called the polar bear over and said proudly "Hey, look at the rainbow fish I found." The polar bear just stared at him then laughed " That's no rainbow fish, it is a normal fish! Nice try buddy, you aren't fooling me now!" The penguin let the fish drop out of his beak. The polar bear said to the penguin "Look in this ice bucket, I have many rainbow fish." The penguin stared in the bucket and asked " How did you get all those fish in the time it took me to get one fish?" The polar bear replied "Well, i got bored and went down to get some fish, then i found this rainbow fish, it offered me a wish. I said that I wished that we had a lot of rainbow fish to eat tonight." The penguin thought about what he could have done with the fish. He looked at the rainbow fish in the bucket and told the polar bear he was going to get some fish...
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