Mini Kitchen Counter Top

By Tina Muchitsch 7E

What is A Mini Kitchen counter top?

This an all in one kitchen counter top is very practical for small kitchens providing a gas powered stove, a removable chopping board, a garbage disposal, cupboards and a sink which you can you could also place a bowl or plate, perfectly fitting over the sink (which will be provided when you purchase a Mini Kitchen) while you're cooking and preparing for meals so you could have that 5-Star chef experience. All Mini Kitchen Counter Tops are topped with a stainless steel surface over marble, making it simple to clean up afterwards!

What does a Mini Kitchen Counter Top do?

A mini kitchen has many functions which makes it one of the most multi-purposed counter tops in the world! It has a gas powered stove for cooking in pots and pans, a sink for cleaning, a removable chopping board, and a rubbish bin. This saves time and money when you're struggling to buy separate appliances for your kitchen!

Pricing and Cost of Production

Sink: $50

Stove: $30

Chopping Board: $10

Bowl: $5

Plate: $5

Marble: $40

Stainless Steel: $30

Plumbing: $150

Wood: $20

Total Cost of Production: $330

Total Price of Mini Kitchen Counter Top: $350

Profit: $20

How can a Mini Kitchen Counter Top change our 21st Century living?

A Mini Kitchen will have a great impact on society. It will change the life style of those who live in cramped and untidy kitchens because this invention is affordable. It is unnecessary to buy a separate sink, chopping board, indoor bin and a stove when you could buy it all in one. This invention is convenient and practical, even if you've got a big kitchen because it takes up less space than it would with the ordinary appliances built into a Mini Kitchen Counter Top.