Benchmark 2 is Coming!

FUESD Educational Services Department

Benchmark 2 Update and Reminders

The EDSVC Department has been working with the District's principals and Assessment Committee to plan for the administration of Benchmark 2. Listed below is a summary of what you can expect:


  • These grade levels have just administered their first Benchmark and will not participate in the Benchmark Assessment in February.


  • Grade 2 students will take the ELA and Math Benchmarks during the testing window beginning on February 29 and ending on March 10. Benchmark 2 will be a combination of paper/pencil and on-line testing.


  • The testing window for these grade levels has been revised, and will begin on February 22 and end on March 9. Students in these grades will take the assessment on-line.
  • The end-of-year OARS Summative (developed by Key Data Systems) will be used for ELA Benchmark 2.
  • The end-of-year OARS Summative will also be administered in Mathematics, but it will be cumulative. This Benchmark will assess standards and concepts completed by the end of January, based on the FUESD Instructional Timeline/IMP Pacing in Grades 3-5 and the MH Pilot Scope and Sequence in Grades 6-8. Unlike Benchmark 1, all students in Grades 3-8 will take this Math Benchmark. There will not be a different assessment for the McGraw Hill Pilot (6-8) or EngageNY (Maie Ellis Elementary School).

Benchmark 2 results will provide grade level and department teams with data to monitor student learning, and proficiency on the CA Standards.

SBAC Interim Assessment Blocks

SBAC Interim Assessment Blocks (IABs) are also available and may be given to provide students with CAASPP-like assessment experience, and additional tools for teachers to monitor student progress. Grade level teams and departments should work collaboratively with the principal, assistant principal and TOSA to determine the appropriate IABs to administer.

Based on the mathematics units of study that have been taught so far, the following IABs assess standards that teachers have taught at these grade levels. Most of the other math content will not have been taught prior to the end of March.

Grade 3: Operations and Algebraic Thinking

Grade 4: Operations and Algebraic Thinking, Numbers and Operations in Base 10

Grade 5: Fractions (anytime after February). Measurement and Data (2 MD standards may not have been covered)

Grade 6 and 7: Ratio and Proportional Relationships

Grade 8: Expressions & Equations w/ Proportionality, Statistics & Probability (some standards not covered)

SBAC Tools and Assessment Training

The FUESD CAASPP Training team will work with teachers at all schools to introduce the universal designated tools within CAASPP to better support students when they take this assessment later in the Spring. The EDSVC Department is scheduling these days with the principals.