The Desert

by Collin Gehl

All about the desert

The desert is a harsh hot place with lots of animals but not many plants can survive there. The desert is home to the cactus. That plant is known for its PRICKLES! Since the desert does not get much rain plants need a place to store water in a drout. They have fat trunks for water to store there. Deserts arent always the hottest place on earth, did you know Antarctica is a DESERT? Another thing is did you know that the biggest desert on earth is Antarctica. The next biggest is the Sahara desert in Africa. The last fact I have for you is: did you know roots can grow 70 feet below ground in search of water? I hope youve learned about the desert.

Animals in the desert

Did you know that the fastest bird in the world is the roadrunner and it lives in the deserts of New Mexico, Mexico and Arizona? The desert in Arizona, Utah and California has a very deadly snake, you guessed it the rattlesnake. This deadly snake lives and hunts in the desert! Another deadly reptile in Arizona is the desert dwelling gila monster. This egg robber lives in Arizona also! Aw, its a cute little puppy, that just ate a lizard! NO its a fennec fox. These little dogs live in the deserts of Africa. I saved the best for last. Drumroll please ... The CAMEL!!!!! This animal of north west Africa has many cool abilities like being able to drink a whole bathtub at once and storing 30 pounds of fat in there hump, but did you know camels have two eye lashes? Well say goodbye to our animal friends, especially HUMP DAY!!!!!!!