Year at a Glance

Sterling Scott

About Me

My name is Sterling Scott and i am 16 years old. i love being involved in FFA and 4-H. I have been showing sheep and goats and going to stock shows for almost all of my life. I love school, my favorite subjects are math and AG.

Year at a Glance

This year has been great!!! All of my of my classes and teachers have been great. This year all of my grades in my classes have improved hugely.Ive been more out going in my AG classes and have had tons of teams make it to state.

Dream Vacation

No doudt my dream vacation would be going to Hawaii. I would probably go in the middle of June. i would bring my whole family for some bonding time.I would go swin in the ocean and swim with dolphins.

Advice for 10th graders

For all the up coming 10th graders its every man for themself. Just kidding 10th grade is very fun. English will be awesome it you have Mr. Bridges! Just keep your grades up so you will be smart.
Aaron Watson - 3rd Gear & 17