Let Texas Into The United States

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The Basics

At the time of the Texas Revolution, most Texans and Americans assumed that the Republic of Texas would be annexed to the United States. To most people, it seemed only natural that Texas would become the latest territorial expansion to a United States that had already stretched from the East Coast to the Rocky Mountains!

Why Texas Should Annex Into The United States

Many Texans wanted to join the United States because they knew that the U.S. could pay off the 10,000,00 of debt, and the U.S. had an army that would protect the Texas. The United States also had a mail system and a monetary or money system too.

Treaty Of 1844

The United States soon annexed Texas anyway, but through a joint resolution of Congress, which required only a bare majority of both houses rather than the 2/3 Senate majority needed to ratify treaties. Whether the United States could acquire new territory through a joint resolution was a question.

The Treaty failed because it missed 2/3 majority by just ONE vote!

Texas Became The 28th State December 29, 1845!