Write like this...

Writing strategies based on Kelly Gallagher's work

Build Prior Knowledge

Many students possess very little prior knowledge. As teachers we need to model and guide students to read current events with depth, making inferences and connections to historical events, scientific concepts, and mathematical understandings. Kelly Gallagher shares his articles each week at http://kellygallagher.org/resources/articles.html.

Mentor Text

Reading and writing are reciprocal processes (Morris and Perney, 1984, 1993), each reinforces the other. Good writers are well read, and well read readers are good writers. In order to teach students to "write like this," we have to model how to read like writers. We need to move away from reading an entire novel aloud with daily sets of questions that analyze the text. Instead strategically select writer's craft we want to target throughout the novel, focusing on those sections where students can see, discuss, and practice their understandings.

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