Andrew Carnegie

Why my entrepreneurs is better!


Alexander Carnegie was born on November 26, 1825 in Dunfermline, Scotland. Carnegie was the son of a hand-loom weaver, so his family was poor. He had very little formal education, but his family believed in the importance of books and learning. At the age of 13, in 1848, he moved to the US with his family and settled in a town called Allegheny, Pennsylvania. He started working in a factory, then a year later became a telephone operator in 1851. Carnegie soon took a job at the Pennsylvania Railroad Company where he worked for a man named Thomas Scott. Thomas Scott took a liking to Carnegie and promoted him three years later from a telephone assistant to a superintendent.

Important Accomplishes and Achievements

  1. He built the St. Louis Bridge.
  2. He teamed up with a man named Henry Bessemer who invented a furnace that could produce steel in a safe, and quick way lowering the price for steel.
  3. He also founded vertical integration of all raw materials.


  • At age 65, he sold the J.P. Morgan company for $480 million and gave nearly all his money away to the pubic.
  • Andrew Carnegie donated more than $56 million to help build over 2,509 libraries throughout the world, some of them still serve their communities today.
  • He was a self-made millionaire, he also started mass production of steel. Which helped us build, skyscrapers, mile long bridges, and more.