Burlington County Special Services School District

October 2015

The students are not only developing their swim skills to a higher proficiency level but they are also working on sharpening their math skills. Math is being practiced in aquatics by using number order, adding, subtraction and multiplication. It is important that students practice their skills in different environments because this is how learning is developed. The students are putting swim skills and math skills together and are really enjoying it because they are playing a game while doing it. It is awesome to see the students working so hard!

The Word of the Month is also being emphasized in swim class. The word of the month for October is "Respect". Students are asked before class how they are going to use respect in swim class. At the end of the class the students are asked how they incorporated the word respect specific to swim class. It is so great to see the students really implementing the word into actions.

Please check out the link to the aquatic Website! On here you will find newsletters, forms, updates and pictures. http://www.bcsssd.k12.nj.us/domain/306

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