Intentional Deception From People Who Want Your Money

Phishing & Smishing

These are those emails you get from your 'bank' or 'school' asking for your personal information. Often these emails have a link for you to click on, and usually that link isn't even close to your bank's actual URL. These people are not really your bank, don't give them anything or reply to their emails.

Retail/Auction Fraud

You're looking online and find this really cool product for super cheap. All you need is to give the company your address and credit card number. It's three months later, you still haven't gotten that product, and you keep getting weird charges on your credit card. Really guys? Unless it is a credited site or you can find it online don't give them anything, even if you won a trip to Australia.

Work At Home

These are the cool "easy jobs" that pay "100 dollars" an hour. These are also the jobs that make you broke. Don't pay for this.