Jackson's Presidency

Jackson, a Two Sided man

Spoils System

The Spoils System is a practice in which a political party, after winning an election, gives government jobs to its supporters, friends and relatives as a reward for working toward victory. Also as an incentive to keep working for the party. Jackson used this by replacing a lot of the office holders. Many people do this by choosing their family members or good friends because they trust them the most.

Cartoon Description

The picture has a man sitting on a pig on top of a podium. On the side it has a money picture showing that it gives money the relatives. The sign says that the winner has their Spoils.

Native American Removal Act

The Cherokee Indians were forced to move from their homes to a new settlement. Jackson said that their new home would be better than their previous homes, but it was worse. Many natives died along the way. They traveled the Trail of Tears. It was a long and hard ship journey. Many people got very sick, and died along the way. Many Natives tried to fight back, and some won and some lost.

Cartoon Description

All the Cherokees are traveling with their family and stuff on the Trail of Tears.

The Nullification Crisis

While Jackson was president, there were two tariffs that were passed, but the south wasn't too happy about it. South Carolina isn't happy at all about the two tariffs, and threatens to secede from the U.S. Jackson then decided to lower the tax but South Carolina still didn't want to pay it. Soon Congress passed the the Force Bill. It allowed Jackson to send troops to South Carolina, and they finally decided not to secede and to pay the tax.

Cartoon Description

The wall is America and the cloud is South Carolina. South Carolina is threatening to recede from America.

Letters Positive: Frontiersman

Jackson is a great person, and i know he will be a great president. I grew up near where he lived and we went to school together. I never really knew him because he was always with his friends. I finally was able to vote and of course I voted for him. I am very excited for the future of America with Jackson being President.

Letters Negative: Cherokee Indian

Jackson is a horrible monster. His army came into our house and shoved us out and the rest of our tribe. They took our dog and killed it. Me and my mom were scared to death and seperated from our father. It was the next day till we were with our father on the trail to our new homes. The journey to the new settlement was terrible. Many people got sick and died, and when we got to the new settlement their was nothing but a big grass field. Everyone was very mad and sad.