New Weapons of War

Technological innovation

Background Information

With the industrial revolution booming in America brought way for the birth of new weapons on the battlefield who no one thought would be used to kill fellow Americans. The Civil wars fighting tactics would soon be sought to be changed to hault the death rate from the outdated tactics matching up with new weapons of war.

  • Before the Civil War, soldiers carried muskets that could only hold one bullet at a time
  • A weapon called the Repeater was invented to carry more that one bullet and take less time to reload than the original musket
  • What today we consider grenades but back then were called canisters and were shot out of a cannon
  • These canisters were designed with two wicks one used to be shot out of the cannon and the other was lit by the first wick and would explode over head or at the feet of enemy soldiers shooting mini balls in all direction
  • Close to the end of the war the first machine gun was introduced and was operated by a hand crank that turned multiple revolving barrels