Music Jam at MENF, Seven Springs

Sept 21 st, 7 PM Foggy Goggle Lounge

Play and listen to music and unwind...

After a long day of excitement at the fair, take the time to socialize and enjoy a gathering of attending musicians for fun and relaxation. Gather up all the stray musicians attending the fair. We mostly be playing acoustic. So far we have a guitar, fiddle, hammer dulcimer, 12 string guitar, electric violin, and flute. I know from past years that we have a couple of harminicas, and at least one mandolin.

Music Jam at MENF Seven Springs

Saturday, Sep. 21st, 7pm

Seven Springs, PA

Seven Springs, PA

The Foggy Goggle

Judy Massey was kind enough to acquire a location for the event, and the Foggy Goggle is nice enought to host. Let's make sure we take good care of our waiters and waitresses and they will be enthusiastic about having us back!

Contact me

Ken Rust

Kasco Marine

We will make up some flyers to have for the event to attract players and listeners.

Should be a lot of fun.