Travel Agency Project

By AMZ Inc.

Flight cost

The family will be flying United will be a roundtrip.The ticket will cost 783.99
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The car they will be renting for the vacation is a Toyota Corolla,it has 5 seats and it is has lots of room for luggage .The cost of rent for the whole week will be 136.43
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The weather is mostly sunny and the temperature is warm but not too hot.

↓↓↓ Below are the temperatures for the week that they will be staying and a high and low chart ↓↓↓

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The Hotel they will be staying in is the Hilton Hawaii Village Beach Resort.It has a great view of the sea and the beach.The price for the week will be will be 1386$


There will be 2 entertainment activities.The first is the Turtle Sea diving adventure where the whole family will get to snorkel with the turtles equipment is included.The price for the whole family is 296$

The second activity is the Maui Ocean center. The family will get to see all the aquatic life up close , the guide will answer any facts and provide information.The cost for this is 89$

Total cost

The total cost for everything is 2691.42

Below is a pie chart of the prices

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