The Daily Delirium

Delirium? More like don't need 'em!

The Best Newspaper in a Delirium Free America January 10, 2077

Questions for Mrs. Smith

Dear Mrs. Smith,

I have recently met a boy my age, and it was quite the shock. He has the perfect look and everything. I haven't gotten my cure yet, but when I'm away from him I think of nothing else. Should I try to keep away, or give in to his charming ways?


Possibly Delirious

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This Man Says Stop

Dear Possibly Delirious,

FOR GODS SAKE STOOOOPPP! If your not cured, the rules are very simple! Do not continue talking to this boy, maybe consult a doctor and see if an early cure is necessary. Heaven forbid he's an Invalid! He will break your heart sweetie! That's my advice.

Yours truly,

Mrs. Smith

Coming Soon...

In a world where love is still an option. Watch in awe as a young girl fights the disease. When Lena (Selena Gomez) meets a young boy named Alex (Alexander Ludwig). Embark on a journey filled with twists and turns, as Lena loses a friend to the disease, and battles with it herself. Will this new boy rip Lena from her friends and family as it has with Hana, her ex-best friend (Scarlett Johansson). Coming this Thursday, at a theater near you, "The Battle That is Hard Because Love is Hard"

The Invalids Strike

Recently we have had another terrorist attack. Be careful these Invalids may reside among us, it could be a neighbor, a friend, maybe even family. What have these uncured savages done this time? They have ruined a day of evaluations, by stampeding a herd of cattle through the labs. This will not be tolerated in a Delirium free America. If you see any suspicious activity report to a regulator near you.
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1. Hidden Invalid

3. Dirty Scum of the Earth

6. Protector of You and the Law

9. Very Delirious and Lena's Best Friend

10. Only to Keep Rise Population


2. Not Necessary or Allowed

4. Main Character

5. What Makes Us Better Than the Scum

7. Your Best Friend

8. One Who Helps the Scum

Volunteers Needed

Do you wish to keep America safe from the disease? Do you want to give back to the community? Then head to your local community center and volunteer to be a Regulator. Regulators are the heart and soul of this country, without you we would fall back into the dark ages. Well? What are you waiting for, go volunteer today!
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Introducing the new dShuffle

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Newspaper By-

Domenic Chiapuzio & Jacob Cummings