Feed: Teaching Component (41-63)

Reagan Campbell


Part 2: Eden (Awake - Dead Language)

-awakens and can't connect to feed

-find themselves in a hospital

-feeling bored, lost, lonely

-thinking about life before the feed

-government controls things anyways

-real relationship/feelings towards Violet

-trip to the "garden"

The Feed Changes Use of Language

"We'd been up for fifteen or twenty minutes. Everything in my head was quiet. It was fucked" (Anderson 44).

The use of a cuss word here is not necessary and does not even make sense when it is used. This demonstrates the reliance on technology and how it is causing society to "dumb" themselves down.

Chapter Through Literary Lenses

Does the feed make them all one person? Does this illuminate the idea of archetypes? Since they are all the same people with the same access to the same information does this mean they are all headed down the same path (heros journey)?

Lense 2: Is this whole incident only something that would happen to wealthy people because they would first have to travel to the moon, which is very costly? How does social class divide up society if they all have the feed?

Essential Question

How does Anderson’s work question the dangers of overreliance on technology?

Discussion Question

The chapter Missing the Feed (47-49) really gets to one of the controlling ideas of the book—How much of who we are is determined by what we are fed or we feed to ourselves? Does it matter if we are plugged into the feed of a corporation? Does technology and constant easy access to information change who we are? And does it matter?