Monday Matters

for the week of March 9th


It occurred to me that there was a lot of information to pull together for this week. I am hoping that this flyer can capture all we need to face the week ahead.

And boy, is there a lot to juggle lately!

Thank you for your insight at our data meetings last week. I am always reminded, in many ways, what a purposeful staff I have. They say, "When the leader sneezes, everyone catches a cold." I hope I have communicated more positive than negative to you lately. You certainly deserve all the positive that can be sent your way.

Here are a couple of overdue thank yous:

Tina Peck - for quietly coordinating the Open Library each week AND to our Open Library Monitors for March and April: Patti, Jane, Kathleen, Rich, Larry, Katie, Maureen, and Pam.

Patti Siano- for handling any discipline/DASA task I throw her way.

Chris Castrio & Debbie Kirkpatrick- You make time for me and kids at a moment's notice. Your behind the scenes work is monumental in making this a great place for kids to learn and be.

Val Klaiber - for your sensitive approach recently with a particular student. The situation could have gone poorly but did not. You listened with the intent to understand.

Maureen Kuntz - for making us stop and smell the roses. The newest office mural is going to be another great reminder for all of us.

Craig Falkenbury - for your behind the scenes support for so many students. All I have to do is whisper a concern to you and you take it from there. I hope you know what you mean to so many.

My Team Leaders - Pat, Larry and Susan - you are great advocates for your students and teams and do so much to help keep me organized. Hopefully, you know how much I appreciate you.

Kevin Bruno - Thank you for wearing your MS shirt last week. It made me proud and happy. You seemed surprised at my reaction. "You said you wanted 100%", you told me.

Sarah Giaculli - for juggling all things STAR with a smile. Sometimes, I certainly deserve a different look than a smile, but thankfully, you don't let on. :)

I'll use next week's Monday Matters to share more thank yous.

Be sure to check out the rest of this flyer for more information you'll need this week including our FACULTY MEETING agenda for Wednesday.

Dates to Remember & Know

  • WAVE is this week

  • Monday - Team Leader Meeting 7:45, Cabinet, Katie Jones from BOCES here to sketch out plans for STLE,
  • Tuesday - FBA/BIP Training at Elem School (I will be out of office), Wonder Book Talk at Noon, PDP, BOE Meeting
  • Wednesday - Faculty Meeting
  • Thursday - PBL Meeting in AM, Wonder Book Talk at Noon
  • Friday - :)


Wednesday, March 12th, 2:45pm

Corinth Middle School

Faculty Meeting Agenda

Announcements: Team Leaders, Guidance

RE: SCHEDULING: I would like to meet with each MS teacher, 1:1, to review possible schedule scenarios with you individually. Please see Diane or Lucinda to set up a 10 minute time beginning next week.

The Supt. Conf Day in March is the "teacher work day". This day is intended to be tied to your APPR plans and professional growth.

Tech Committee Update: Alan & Pete

SDM Commitee Update: Tina and SDM Members

Smackdown: Alan & Rich


Faculty Meeting "Handouts"

State Testing Handbooks have been released. ELA and Math. Let the office know if you need another copy.

School Admin Manual for State Tests has also been released.

Additional Information and Random Thoughts...


To occur possibly on March 21st

Updated blog post

Check out my latest entry for a shout out to our math department!

What if...

We stopped thinking "March Madness" and replaced it with "March Gladness".

(Courtesy of Kid President)

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