Digital Citizenship

by Carlyn Willis

Digital Citizenship

-How to act responsibly when using technology

An example would be Privacy and Security


-the use of electronic communication to bully or harass a person

  • About 43% of kids have been bullied online. 1 in 4 has had it happen more than once.

Cyberbullying (2)

  • 90% of teens who have seen social-media bullying say they have ignored it. 84% have seen others tell cyber bullies to stop
  • Bullying victims are 2 to 9 times more likely to consider committing suicide.

Digital Footprint and Reputation

  • is the data that is left behind by users on technology

  • Keep your personal details private, Not sharing passwords, and being respectful.

Digital Footprint and Reputation (2)

  • A digital footprint is the collection of all the traces you leave in electronic environments as you use or move through them
  • Change the privacy settings on your social networking sites so that only your Friends can see your information


  • It is important to be careful what you post online because I will back fire in either a good way or bad
  • If your going to find a job they will look at your digital footprint to see what your like