Zoe Lopez

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Culture Traits

  • All religious ceremonies and rituals are preformed
  • 65% is Bhutanese and 35% ethic Nepali
  • Traditional woven garments
  • The official language is Dzonkha, although Bumthangkha, Sarachapkha, Assamese, and Nepali are also spoken.
  • National and regional festival coincide with the seasons happening all year round.

How Economics and Politics have changed the Culture in recent years.

Villagers and ethnic groups in the South revolted against the country. There was a terrorist attack when a bomb exploded near the Indian-Bhutan border, witnesses believe that the attack was of the Bhutanese Army's. They continue to go against Indian Muslim militants who maintain bases in Bhutan. In the north, there is a mountain scenery, along with its guarded ancient culture, it has made a destination for tourists. Bhutan's leaders try to balance the economic growth, which tourists bring also with the impulse to maintain both the country's beauty and culture.