Jay Gatsby

Bio Poem


Lonely, Ambitious, Corrupted, Optimistic

Son of- Henry Gats

Lover of- Money, Daisy, Making others happy

Who Feels- Lonely without anyone in his life. Happy when he's around Daisy. Satisfied with all the money he has.

Who Needs- Money to make others happy. Daisy in his life to make him feel complete. Tom to divorce Diasy so she can be happy.

Who Gives- Others a good time. Daisy happiness.

Who Fears- Daisy not remember him. Diasy dosent want to be with him. Life without money.

Who would like to see- Daisy in his life. Daisy and Tom not together anymore. Daisy in his home.

Resident of- Long Island, West egg


Quote by Jay Gatsby

"I don't trust him, old sport" Jay- 144

I think it represents being mysterious. And he always says old sport to nick threw the book.