White House Floral Arrangement

By: Daisey Jaramillo

Vermeil Room

The room takes its name from the large collection of vermeil (gilded silver) received by the White House in 1958 as a bequest of Margaret Thompson Biddle, selections of which have been on display in this room ever since. The 1,575 piece collection contains examples of work by the most prominent English and French silversmiths working in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Design Style


Flowers Used

Roses- mass flower

Daisies- mass flower

Baby's breath- filler flower

bleeding hearts- form flower

Tuberose- line flower

Materials Used

Floral foam

Floral tape

Floral Wire

Floral Knife


Floral scissors

Plant food

Wire snips


Leaf shine

Stem trimmer


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