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Football as we know it was born in England in 1863 and celebrates its 150th anniversary this fall. The first game was conceived as entertainment, but was soon to create the various competitions. Football has spread rapidly the new rules adopted in England in 1863 were quickly taken into use around the world. Then went on to become a platform that throws together the best football players of each country in order to see what land should best football men. International Football Association was founded to be held outside the federations of the world and stand for competition every four years to settle any nation would be best in the world, World Cup. The first competition took place in Uruguay in 1930 on a hundred years of independence anniversary Uruguay but the smallest pleasures that competition would not take place as European countries was a journey too far, but it was not until the federations of states in America threatened to withdraw from FIFA that edged the pressure on European relationships to send a team. Iceland was not left out of the globalization of football and he came here with a Scottish printer who taught young local boys, this game was becoming so popular across Europe and could quickly popularity here. Football is the only sport? The game itself is perhaps just a sport, but all that is around the game is much much more, especially for those who really follow the game. For many fans, this is part of the lifestyle they live and it does not matter whether they are close to the stadium on its own or in another country or even another continent.

Translation - English to Icelandic

Stjórnendur telja árangur íslenska landsliðsins allt um rétta tímasetningu. Fyrst af öllu sem þá þarf að hafa frekar góða leikmenn, leikmenn sem eru að ná hámarki á ferlinum. Samkvæmt stjórnendum er hver leikmaður með jákvætt viðhorf, sterkan karakter og mikinn áhuga til að spila fyrir landsliðið. Þeir vinna vel saman, eru sérstaklega hæfileikaríkir í starfi sínu og hafa frábæra samskipti við leikmenn. Stjórnendur telja KSÍ sem stuðningsmeðferð í uppbyggingu hagstæðar vinnuumhverfi. Stjórnendur telja að þeir hafi frjáls hlutverki í starfi, aðeins fjárhagslega hluti þarf að vera staðfestur af Knattspyrnusambands Íslands (KSÍ). Stjórnendur hafa þróað skýra hugmynd um hvernig þeir myndu vilja lið til að spila og held að þeir eru færir í samskiptum um það. Stjórnendur telja það mikilvægt fyrir leikmennina að vita ætíð hvað stjórnendur eru að gera. Samkvæmt stjórnendum er Ísland eitt af best skipulögðu landsliðum í Evrópu en það er alltaf pláss fyrir framför. Skilgreina og gera starfsumhverfi stöðugt eða rútínubundna var ný hugsun í íslenskum fótbolta. Þetta er það sem Hallgrímsson telur að Lagerbäck hefur fært íslenska knattspyrnu umhverfi.

Are athletes really getting faster, better stronger

David Epstein talks about sporting achievements over the last decades, and it seems like humans have gotten faster, better and stronger in nearly every way. The winner of the 2012 Olympic marathon ran in 2 minutes and 8 seconds, but if he had raced aginst the 1904 marathon racer he would have won by 1 hour and 20 minutes. He takes a look at 100 meters world record which jesse owens held in 1936 and he compare´s it with Usain Bolt 2013 world record. Usain bolt was 14 feet faster than Jesse Owens but Owens did not have the same ground to run in. He talks about how it all has, like we have so much better equipments to swim or run. Then he shows the record for the longest cycled one hour, which Eddie set in 1972. That record was broken in 1996 by 5 miles. But in 2000 the international cycling union set a rule to beat Eddies record, and that was to ride on a bike like Eddie did in 1972. And there was one guy that beat that record by 800 feet. In the 1920 the body types were all the same but in 2012 it had changed so much and athletes had gained much more weight and that is called the Big bang of body types. In the 1983 NBA teams were looking for a very high guys that could be in the teams. But today 10 percent is over 7 feet tall. Seven feet tall man are so rare that if you know an American man between the ages of 20-40 who is at least seven feet tall, that is a 17 percent that he is in NBA right now. He talks about how the body is getting much bigger than it was and how a small athlete is getting smaller and big athlete is getting bigger and weird athlete got weirder. I choose this because i did not found anything better.

Health care should be a team sport.

Eric Dishman tells his story about when doctors found out that he had kidney problem and had only 2-3 years to live. One day he met girl name Verna and she took him and told him that they did not know anything about it. He wants to invent a personal health system, then he shows the crowd his kidney which he calls libby. He says that the hospitals are so expensive and people just go there and don’t ask questions about what they are going to do with them. When he was 13 he broke his hand and had to go to surgery, recovering from the surgery in the hospital he gets bedsores which he than gets allergic to. And now his whole body breaks out. So the longer he stayed in hospital the sicker he became. But this does happen to millions of people. That’s why he wants to make health care a coordinated team sport. Because he says that doctor patient one on one is a relic of the past. The future of health care is smart teams, and you´d better be on that team for yourself. He tell us about three pillars of personal health and it is care Anywhere, care networking and care customization. Tracey Gamley stepped up to give him the impossible kidney that he was never suppose to have. The reason why i choose´d this video is because i thought that it was really interesting to see how

Your brain on video games

Daphne Bavelier is a brain scientist, and she is interested in how the brain works. She is going to tell us about our brain on video games. 90 % of kids play video games and the average of a gamer is 33 years old. A game called Call of duty was released by Activision, and after a month of playing it had been played for 68000 years world wide. She tells us that if parents see their kids in a video game they ask them to do something intelligent like reading and playing suduoku. But playing video games is not that bad it has powerful effects and positive effects of our behavior. Everyone says that to much screen time makes your eye sight worse, but she tells us that a non action gamers have a normal vision, but action gamers have better vision. Other thing that people say is that video game lead to attention problems and greater distractibility but she takes a test and it shows that clearly playing those games doesn´t lead to attention problems. Typical young adult can have a span of about three or four objects of attention, but action gamers can have a span of a six to seven objects attention. Then she does another research of how good they are at switching from one task to another, and people that play video games are really fast and are really good at switching things. But those people that identify as being high multimedia-taskers are absolutely abysmal at multitasking. So the video game have a number of ingredients that are actually really powerful for brain, learning, attention and vision. In her lab she takes people to do a task and they test their skill, but then they come back after two weeks after that they had played action games and try the test again, and after a two weeks of game they performed better. I choose this video because i have always wanted to know how games affect your brain and your life, but i was not really expecting this results.

An interview with a person connected to the subject.

The reason I choose this person is because I tried to contact some famous players and I did not get any answers from them, so I had to find someone I could really get answers from. His name is Arnar.

1. Who is his favorite professional player and your favorite professional team? My favorite player would be Ronaldinho because he was my idol when I was younger. My favorite team is Liverpool because my everyone in my family is a Liverpool fan

2. What made you want to play soccer? Soccer was one of the most interesting sports when I started and I just fell in love with the sport.

3. Is soccer the only sport you play? No, I am also in gymnastics and Crossfit when I have free time.

4. When did you start playing soccer? I Started playing when I was 8 years old, and my friend got me into playing the sport.

5. What do you like the most about soccer? what I like most about football is the fellowship and play the games.

6. How many times a week do you practice? I practice 5 times a week soccer and 1-2 times gymnastics and I do crossfit when I have any time.

7. Have you ever been to a professional soccer game? Where? Yes I have been on two professional games before and one game was in Spain were Malaga and Espanyol played and then I went to England and I saw Chelsea play Manchester City.