Grade 6 Update

Week of January 19, 2016

Happy 2016

We hope the New Year has started with health and happiness. We are seeing a rise in absences due to the cold and flu season. Please be sure your child checks in Schoology while they are out so they keep up with assignments.

Last week we completed the Math MAP assessments and this week we are finishing up with ELA MAP assessments on Tuesday and Wednesday. . These tests measure growth from September until now and reports will be mailed home.

From Miss Perreaud:

The 6th grade math midterm is quickly approaching! The midterm will be given on January 26th, 2016. It is important that your child attend school on this day! Any absent students will attend the mandatory make up session when they return to school the following day. A review packet was given out on Friday, January 15th for students to study and complete prior to the midterm. Please remind your child to be studying their old notes, tests, and quizzes. The app IXL is another great resource to study from. Thank you for your support, any question please feel free to email me!

CORE Updates

In Math we are finishing up the coordinate plane unit and moving into the CMP3 Unit Variables & Patterns (Algebra) after the midterm on the 26th !

In Reading we just finished comparing the book and the movie version of "The Lightning Thief". The students also had to decide (state their claim) if they liked the book or movie better and provide evidence to support their thinking.

We will start looking at the Hero's Journey and how that fit into "The Lightning Thief" and the students will start writing their own hero's journeys in class.

In SS we are studying Government and Ancient Greece.

In Science we are continuing our study of Gravity and Inertia and we have our Final test on the unit on Monday, January 25, 2016.

ELA – MAP tests in Math and ELA finishing on Wednesday, Jan. 20

In class we are working on essay writing – finishing intro paragraph and starting body paragraphs.