Sleepy Hollow

Homeowners' Association

Entrance Beautification Project

Thanks to our Landscape Committee consisting of Tami Roberts, #6, and Kandis Malefyt, #20, our Sleepy Hollow entrance is in the process of a beautiful renovation. Tami and Kandis have professionally planned, purchased and supervised the planting of over 200 new plants and shrubs. They purchased the plants wholesale, and the committee transported to the Sleepy Hollow. Our gardening vendor, Cagwin, has completed the planting and is in the process of finishing irrigation for the new plants. Ground cover will be added after the trains are over. When all the new plants grow and bloom out entrance will be beautiful. Please be sure to thank Tami and Kandis for a job well done.

Entrance Tree Trimming

A number of pine trees at our entrance gate have dead branches that require trimming. The Cagwin arborist will inspect and bid the cleanup project.

Governing Documents Committee

Our committee composed of Bernie New, #3, Tom Malefyt, #20, and Adele Margolis, #5, have spent literally hundreds of hours reviewing and rewriting our Sleepy Hollow CC&R’s, By-Laws, and slightly modified Articles of Incorporation to meet current community and legal requirements. The committee was assisted by Steve Woolpert, #8, and our legal counsel, Kelly McCarthy Sutherland.

These documents provide an overall definition of the community and the basis for its governance. Documents that reflect current law and community administration realities make the business of governing much easier without conflicting directive or those open to vastly different interpretations.

Eventually, there will be a 30-day mail-in ballot to approve adoption of the documents. Before we move to a ballot, however, there will be a 30-day period during which time homeowners can read the documents, ask questions, comment of the content, and suggest improvements. Midway through this review period, we will hold an informal discussion meeting where we will answer questions, provide clarification, where needed, and take any initial feedback. At the end of the review period there will be a special homeowner’s meeting to discuss the documents and accept any final feedback. We will then move to the ballot.

Adoption of the new documents requires a 75% supermajority. At least 18 “yes” votes are needed, with no more than 5 “no” votes and abstentions. This is a very high hurdle, and everybody needs to vote to ensure that we succeed. Failure to vote could lead to hundreds of hours of effort wasted, and thousands of dollars of HOA money – your money – spent in legal fees.

Road Barrier Replacement

At the January Board meeting, the issue of the deteriorating roadside barricades on Sleepy Hollow and Center Court Place was discussed. Bill Phillips, our manager, contacted Eddie Hurt, an architect, to give us a quote for on-site measurement, and design drawing for new construction. The bid for his services will be considered at the next Board meeting.

Cleaning Under Entrance Bridge

One of the priorities noted at the January Board meeting was to make sure our bridge is clear of vegetation. We have accepted a bid from Cagwin to clear under the bridge and five feet on either side all vegetation that may cause damage to the bridge.