MAP-Works How-To Guides

How to Send an Email

Frequently Asked Questions

If I send an email in MAP-Works will it be logged in their activity?

Yes. One of the great things about sending an email through MAP-Works is it will stay on the students activity log with a time stamp.

If the student replies where does the email go: MAP-Works or Racermail?

The student's response will go to your MSU inbox. Their response will not be logged in MAP-Works, however you can copy and paste the information if you feel it is relevant.

What is the difference between a Private and Public email?

MAP-Works always defaults to the most private setting, and we see this in the email aspect. If you select Private, only you and the person you assigned the referral can see it. By selecting Public, only the direct connects to the student can see the referral. Direct connects include their advisor, instructors, and campus resources.

If I send a mass email, will the students be able to see who else is attached?

No. MAP-Works is set to send Blind Carbon Copied (BCC) messages. This is just another way MAP-Works defaults to the most private setting.

Step 1

Log-in to MAP-Works. You can find the link in your myGate account under the Employee tab.
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Step 2

After you open MAP-Works, you will be on the Home page. You can search for a student in the upper, right-hand corner. In the search bar you have the option to look up a student by name, M number, or email address.
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Step 3

Once you are on the student's individual page, you will see their picture, name, and other contact information.

To email, hover over the student's name and click.

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Step 4

A drop-down box will appear. In the list of actions, select "Send Email".
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Quick Note

Before you begin to write an email referral, remember this will be recorded in the student's activity log. It is important to note, the email will go to their MSU Gmail account not their student portal.
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Step 5

Fill out the boxes like a normal email. There are two additional features:

Select a Category. This helps the university run reports to see what are the issues faculty and staff are submitting referrals.

Private or Public. We recommend to use your best judgment. Our office rarely uses Private unless it is a very personal (often Counseling) issue.

Once you are finished, select Save.

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Email Sent!

The email is sent to the student's Racermail account and their response will appear in your Racermail account (not in MAP-Works).

Need Additional Assistance?

Please contact me, Ben Stinnett, in the Retention Office. You can connect with me by phone at 270.809.2274 or by email,