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American Idol stars secret revealed!?

Are American Idol superstar Phillip Phillips and his long time girl friend Hannah Blackwell hiding something from the world? Recently our sources say they’ve spotted a small baby bump through Hannah’s baggier than usual clothes.

The couple has been together for five years and have spoken about getting married however his rocketing fame and her completion of college have always been a priority. Phillip and Hannah have been inseparable ever since he won American Idol, however having a child could prove to be difficult for the superstars travel plans.

Raising a child on a tour bus and living out of a suitcase isn’t the ideal way to do things. Rumor has it that the couple has been looking at apartments in LA, although they spend most of their off time in Georgia where their families are. Phillip will be touring Canada sometime in March and Hannah will complete college in May, what they plan to do after that is still a mystery.