Women from the 1700s

Highlights the roles and contributions of women in the 1700s

Background on Women

During the 1700s mostly all women were married and had children but if they were single, they wouldn't be as respected as a spouse would. Women's jobs were at home were they cared for family and they had limited careers to pick. But women first began contributing in large events and they played many roles during this time period. The roles that they played ranged all the way from a housewive (which was normal to be back then) to a spy during the American Revolution.

Contributions made by women

Women made contributions to a huge event that took place which was known as the American Revolution. They did small jobs like hauling water for the cannons and starting the cannons during the war (which was very brave for women to do), spinning wool as warmth for men when it became very cold at war and they laundried the soldier's clothes when they got dirty. And jobs such as these that they had done for soldiers during the American Revolution had only made women more appreciated by many people. And, when women weren't contributing in the American Reolution, they were home fulfilling their duties as housewives. Housewives would do many chores to take care of their home and family. They prepared meals over open fires, milked cows, fed the chickens, churned butter, made candles and soap, and they made their family's clothing by sewing with their hands only. It is obvious that women contributed in many ways to help care for their family, home, and even their own country.

Roles that women played

Roles which women had played during the American Revolution had gained their appreciation by many people. During the American Revolution, women were spies. Spies during the war would do jobs like delivering equipment and disguising as a Loyalist to get more information on their plans if they were patriots. Women were also nurses during the war. Nurses would mend wounded men who had gotten hurt during war. And women were also laundry women who were in charge of washing dirty clothes. Women have been a vital part of the American Revolution.