TUSD Robotics

Issue 11: Elementary May Tournaments

June 4, 2018

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Official End to the Robotics Season

TUSD Robotics has officially come to a close for the 2017-2018 season. This school year we hosted 8 tournaments, supported 112 teams, and served over 500 students. We had 15 teams qualify for the California State Championships and 8 teams qualify for the VEX World Championships. It has been a very successful year for TUSD Robotics.

We close our season with two final elementary VEX IQ tournaments held in the Currie Middle School Activity Center. Congratulations of our final group of robotics students who all built functioning robots to play the VEX IQ game "Ringmaster".

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Thank you, Gio!

Gio Tejeda is the original IT team member to run the tournament manager software for TUSD Robotics tournaments. Thanks again Gio for another successful season!
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Thank you, Robohawks!

Orchard Hills Robotics students and their coach, Megan Lund, volunteered as referees and helped get the teams up to the fields to play each match. Thank you, Robohawks!

And as always, thank you TPSF for your continued support!

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Looking foward to next year's game? Check out VEX IQ Challenge Next Level!


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