New York Daily

The murder in Greenwich Village Apartments


One afternoon news broke out in Greenwich that in a apartment complex a husband has killed his wife and hid her body parts across the East River.Luckily I wasn't the only who noticed something strange happening in the Thorwald's residence Mr.L.B Jefferies also had noticed the incident. I interviewed him and he said ever since he started suspecting Mr. Thorwald , he's been spying on Thorwald and he's noticed he's been going out a lot lately.He also has been packing his clothes and leaving really late at night with suitcases and boxes.He also noticed that when they found the dead dog he was the only one who didn't come out to look what was happening.


In today's society feminism is very relevant and has changed over time. For example, women are allowed to enter combat roles in the military. Women now have the right to choose if they would like an abortion.

In the 1950's feminism was not as relevant. Women were sometimes considered as sex objects, and were rarely independent. It was frowned upon to be single as a women and not be married at a particular age.The only job they had was to stay at home clean the house and cook dinner for their husbands so when they arrive it will be done and ready for them to eat.