By Jase and Jeffrey

The flag By: Jase

This is the flag of Japan.

Physical features By: Jeffrey

Map By: Jase

the map of japan

This is the map of Japan,the capital is Tokyo.The two major cites in Japan is Syoto and Sapporo
1 Hour of Japanese Instrumental Music

Economic system, trade barriers, and literacy rate. By Jase

The economic system is Yen. The trade barriers are beef, citrus, processed food, products and rice. The literacy rate is 96.7%

GDP, population, and imports and exports. by: Jeffrey

The GDP per capita is 38,633.171. The population is 127.3 million people. The imports are rice, dairy. The exports are products.

Two main holidays, tradition, food, language, religion, school, sport, and best season to visit by: Jeffrey

The two main holidays are Shogatsu/ New year and Setsubun/ start of spring. The tradition is Japanese garden. There favorite food is rice. There language is Japanese. There religion is Buddhism. One of their schools Chiba. One of the funniest sports come from Japan, sumo wrestling. The best season to vist japan is winter and spring.

Holiday, there handwriting, and sport by: Jase

Why we want to visit by: Jeffrey and Jase

We picked this place because we have a friend from there and he is always talking about how cool it is there. You should visit because the landmark are remarkable.

Government, role of citizens by: Jeffrey

Japan's government type is constitutional monarchy are leader is a prime minister the role of citizens are they elect a prime minister.