Visiting The Northeast Region

By: Mia, Paige, Braeden, Jessica


The Northeast Region is in between the equator and the North Pole, were we have bitterly cold winters and hot and refreshing summers. Living things like animals and plants have adapted to our climate and can live.
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Land & Water

In the Northeast it has mountainous and rocky land. Mount Washington is the highest peak in our region. It is also one of the windiest places on earth. Some major bodies of water are bordering northeast. The Erie Canal was dug to connect two major bodies of water.
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Products & natural resources

People eat a lot of delicious food in the northeast. This includes maple syrup, seafood, cranberries, and blueberries. We also buy granite, marble, and coal. The Waterways do not seem like resources. But they actually give us water and power factorys.
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Culture (food, fun , people)

In the Northeast we eat a lot of seafood. For fun we do winter sport like skiing, sleding, ice skating and other things. And for summer sports we like swimming, hiking, boating and others. There have been people who immigrated here and that's why we are sometimes called a "melting pot."
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We have many landmarks. The most important land mark is the Statue of Liberty. The two other landmarks in the Northeast is Hershy Park and The Liberty Bell.
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