Intro to Psychology

By: Krystal Gonzalez

What is Psychology?

Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes.

Major Perspectives

Biological- Studying the physical bases of human and animal behavior.

Psychodynamic- Tend to emphasize the importance of unconscious influences, early life experiences, and interpersonal relationships in explaining the underlying dynamics of behavior.

Behavioral- How behavior is acquired or modified by environmental causes.

Humanistic- The motivation of people to grow psychologically, the influence of interpersonal relationships on a person's self-concept, and the importance of choice and self-direction in striving to reach one's potential.

Positive Psychology- The study of positive emotions and psychological states, positive individual traits, and the social institutions that foster positive individuals and communities.

Cognitive- The important role of mental processes in how people process and remember information, develop language, solve problems, and think.

Evolutionary- The application of principles of evolution.

Key Psychologists


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