Crew Members !!!

Stop being scared and travel with us.

Come with me to Mexico

My men and i are planning to travel to the new world and a spot we have chosen is to travel to mexico what we are looking for is GOLD. We need more members though. If you come with us we will split the gold between us and also gain some fame . Think about it , you could change your family and your own life. We will be leaving in one week we need many men ! Change your life nothing bad can happen only thing that could happen is you coming back home with gold. Just come and travel with us. You never know what can happen until you try. We might also find land and move there.

Gold is worth alot

Just think about it.

If you have noticed gold is everything people want today ! You could get lucky and be able to find some gold in Mexico and if we don't we will travel anywhere to find some gold. Cant say much here just come and sail with us. We are all going to share the gold between us and gain fame.