Back to School Edition


  • 6: Football equipment pickup 4-7 p.m.
  • 9: 6th grade Schedule Pickup 4:30-6:30 (4:30-5:00 intro in gym)
  • 10: 7/8 grade Schedule Pickup 4:30-6:30
  • 12: First Day of school
  • 16:Grade Level Informational Meetings on campus - for students only
  • 23: Football parent meeting 5:30 p.m.
  • 24: Volleyball parent mtg in cafeteria 4:15 p.m.
  • 30: 6th grade Meet the Teacher 6:00-7:30 More info to come
  • 31: 7/8 grade Meet the Teacher 6:00-7:30 More info to come


With the summer break coming to a close, I want to take this opportunity to welcome you and your children back to school. If you are new to the MJH family, we are grateful to have you with us this year. Our first day of school - Thursday, August 12, is quickly approaching. I certainly hope that you have had a relaxing and enjoyable summer. I know I speak for the MJH staff, when I say that we are looking forward to beginning the school year and continuing to work collaboratively with our school community.

As you begin getting ready for the upcoming school year, we ask that you complete the required online back to school registration paperwork. This will be available first week of August on the MISD website. No schedule will be released without the completed online paperwork through the Parent Portal or any outstanding charges related to laptops, textbooks, library books, cafeteria balances, and required immunization. We will have computer labs available on schedule pick up day if you need assistance completing your paperwork.

MJH Schedule Pickup Dates are:

  • August 9 from 4:30-6:30 - 6th grade schedule pickup
  • August 10 from 4:30-6:30 - 7th & 8th grade schedule pickup

In addition, important school forms will be sent home the first day of school for you to complete and return back to your child's 3rd period teacher. Thank you in advance for helping us with all our back to school paperwork. It helps us make sure we have all the necessary information about your child.

We can't wait to see and welcome our students back on the first day of school, August 12, 2021! GO BEARS!

Angie Chapman, Principal


Please be sure to complete the returning student registration online form before school begins. The link will be available soon on the MISD website the first week in August. Thank you.



All traffic coming to MJH during the morning drop-off period and the afternoon pick-up period must use the car rider loop. Students can be dropped off beginning at 6:30 a.m.


Lockers can be checked out on an individual basis at schedule pickup.


MISD is offering free breakfast and lunches for all students this year.

MISD has an easy online way for you to keep up with your child’s account. Go to the MISD webpage and click on the left tab “Child Nutrition Info”. Then click “”

Parents will be encouraged to make prepayments on students’ accounts using my school bucks, cash or checks to avoid cash transactions during meal service.


The Parent-Student Handbook is available on the MJH website. We encourage you to become familiar with the information contained in the handbook. Dress code will be enforced. Please review the dress code policy enclosed.


Please visit the MJH campus website throughout the year to access information and explore our links to find out more about our school. – Montgomery Junior High School


One of the many strengths of MJH is the large number of students involved in co-curricular activities. Students who become involved in the school broaden their experiences and increase their enjoyment of junior high school. Whether it is athletics, theater, music, student council or clubs, I encourage you to participate in one or more student activities. A list of clubs can be found on our website.


Pre-packaged school supplies were sold online and for those that purchased them, they will be mailed to your home. If you need the school supply list, it can be found on our campus website on the center of the front page.


Most textbooks will either be available online or issued for at-home use. Books that are issued for at-home use will not have to be carried to and from school. Back packs are optional. No rolling backpacks unless under doctor orders.


Girls and Boys athletics will be handing out uniforms, locker numbers & collecting physicals when students come back to school. Parents will need to complete the Rank One online paperwork. For questions, contact Girls Athletic Coordinator @

or Boys Athletic Coordinator @



A monthly parent letter is emailed to all parents each month. If you are not receiving the letter, please call our registrar at rana.miller@ to make sure your email is up to date in our system.


A letter and student schedule will be sent home with your child and mailed home a week before Meet the Teacher to explain our process for that evening.

6th grade: August 30 - 6:00-7:30 p.m.

7/8 grade: August 31 - 6:00-7:30 p.m.


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A parent drop off table is provided in the front foyer for students that forgot to bring lunches or other items to school. Be sure to text your student you brought the item to school.


All traffic coming to MJH during the morning drop-off period and the afternoon pick-up period must use the Car Rider Loop.

The faculty entrance is used for MJH faculty and substitutes only.

The faculty and visitor parking lot will be accessed by using the Car Rider Loop as well. During morning student drop-off AND afternoon student pick-up, no traffic will be permitted to enter through the Car Rider Exit. Traffic on the car rider loop is in one direction only. Please plan your time accordingly. Students can be dropped off beginning at 6:30. Parking and access to the school is extremely limited during the morning hours and students will be counted tardy if they are late first period.

Bus Entrance: The bus entrance will only be used for buses at all times of the day. For the safety of our students, please do not enter the bus entrance for convenience or to save time.

The back parking lot is for faculty only and all other traffic should refrain from using it.

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2021-2022 SCHOOL SUPPLY LIST - (printable copy on MJH webpage)

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A Reminder From the Counselor

Schedule Changes

If your child would like to request a schedule change, he or she will need to go to the counseling office and pick up a schedule change form. This form will need to be signed by the student and the parent and brought back to the counseling office. Schedule changes may be requested for elective or athletic class changes or students wanting to change from Advanced to level or level to Advanced class. Schedule changes will not be made to request a lunch or teacher change.

If you have any questions for your child's counselor, you can contact them by phone or email.


7TH grade parents: A reminder that if we have not received a valid copy of your child’s required immunizations listed below, please submit a copy to our nurse this week so we can update our records.

1. Tdap (within 5 years of 7th grade enrollment date) (Dtap, dtp, tdap or DT, Td is acceptable if a medical contraindication to pertussis exists)

2. Meningococcal (on or after the student’s 11th birthday) (MCV4)

Please feel free to contact Mrs. Buckner if you have any questions or concerns at or 936-276-3309.



August 6 - Football pickup for 7th and 8th graders from 4:00-7:00 p.m. at MJH in small gym.


CAR RIDER LINE: Once we are back in school, all traffic coming to MJH during the morning drop-off period and the afternoon pick-up period must use the car rider loop. On the first week of school, the pickup line is long. Safety is our first priority, so we will have a campus officer directing traffic after school during car rider pickup and the first week of after school athletic practices. Please understand the athletic groups are staggered in dismissal time; however, we cannot control when parents arrive at school to pick up their child. If our officer is on duty at the main entrance and our staff personnel is on duty at the staff entrance, please do not try to drive thru. When we have vehicles cutting through the parking lot to bypass the car rider line, it causes congestion and an unsafe area for our staff and students who are trying to enter or exit the building. It is also not fair for those that are following our car rider protocol. We appreciate your help with our transportation drop-off and pick-up procedures.

AFTER SCHOOL CAR RIDER PICKUP LINE: For those new to our car rider line, we ask that you stop at the sign posted stop sign before you pull up to the car rider line. Right before the dismissal bell at 2:30 p.m., cars will then pull up to the car rider line loading zone. We ask this so our early dismissal students and parents are able to be picked up and are not held up by the dismissal traffic of our car rider parents.

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Please join our PTO. The membership form is online on the MJH PTO website at the link below.

  • Family membership is $10.00. Our PTO eNews will keep you informed with the most current information that MJH has to offer regarding upcoming events, student opportunities, club news, deadlines, volunteer opportunities, and accomplishments at Montgomery Junior High School. Be sure to check out our PTO Facebook page as well.


Students will be expected to keep themselves well-groomed and neatly dressed at all times. Any form of dress or hairstyle or grooming that is contrary to good hygiene or which is considered a distraction or disruptive to the purpose and conduct of the school will not be permitted. Dress shall not create a health or other hazard to the students’ safety.

The dress code for Montgomery I.S.D. includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Skirts, or dresses or girls & boys Shorts, must be modest (mid-thigh or longer) and approach the knee with normal movement.
  • Leggings/tights are only permissible with a top that covers the buttocks.
  • Walking shorts may be worn provided they are in good taste. Shorts are to approach the knee. No bicycle shorts, spandex, athletic or jogging shorts are allowed. Shorts, pants and jeans must be hemmed and have no holes or cutouts above the knee.
  • Strapless, transparent, tight, low-cut or revealing clothes may not be worn to school. Inappropriate clothing includes any casual beach-like attire, including backless blouses, off the shoulder blouses/dresses, halter type tank tops, tops with spaghetti straps, or pants, shirts and sleeves that have been cut off. Undergarments should not be visible. Midriffs must not show. No stomachs should be visible with normal movement.
  • No hats, caps, doo-rags or bandanas are to be worn in any school building at any time.
  • Raincoats, trench coats and other full-length over-garments worn to school due to inclement weather must be stored in the locker or AP office. Such garments may not be worn inside the building.
  • Hair must be neat, clean and combed. Extreme styles or color are not acceptable. Mustaches may be worn if neat and trimmed. No other facial hair is allowed. Sideburns must not extend below the earlobe.
  • No clothing or accessory may be worn which refers to violence, cadavers, gangs, alcohol, drugs, tobacco, obscene language, satanic symbols or which could be construed to have an offensive meaning or a sexual connotation. Ghoulish/Gothic attire will not be allowed. Pants may not be excessively baggy or hang below the natural waistline.
  • Noisy or distracting jewelry or accessories may not be worn. Nose/facial/tongue studs and/or visible body piercing, except for earrings, are prohibited. Chains of any length or size (including wallet chains) are not allowed. Visible tattoos are prohibited. Sunglasses may not be worn in building.
  • It is never appropriate for students to wear house slippers, pajamas, or bedclothes to school. Students should never bring blankets or pillows.
  • No large earphones allowed on campus. Small earbuds allowed at teacher discretion in classroom. Small earbuds can only be wore in one ear outside the classroom.
  • No hoodies worn with hood on head.

Each year there are “fads” that show up on our campuses. We are neither listing these nor making a regulation to cover all problems that may arise. When a fad starts on a campus and becomes a distraction, it shall be immediately eliminated. It is impractical to list every possibility of dress and grooming. The principal of each campus shall apply the Grooming Code and make all final decisions regarding what is acceptable and appropriate considering the age and activities of the students.

Infractions of the dress code will result in the student being sent to the office. On the first offense, the violation will be corrected as soon as possible, parents will be contacted, a warning will be issued, and student will be sent to class. Second offense will follow the procedures mentioned above except discipline consequence will be issued. Three or more offenses will result in parent coming to school to correct violation or the student being sent to ISS for the remainder of the day and a discipline consequence assigned. Any violation that cannot be corrected in the above mentioned manner will result in the student being placed in ISS for the remainder of the day.

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